The world needs people like you. And you need people like me.

I am made up of many things. Psychologist. Mother. Actress. Public Speaker. Yoda of anxiety. Master of resilience. ADHD Superhero (which is why I can’t describe myself in one word). Changer of Lives.

I work with children, teens, and their families to help them build better lives by maximizing confidence and forging their resilience. I also work with professionals and educators looking for training and approaches to work effectively with their clients and students.

With over 25 years of experience helping children and teens with ADHD and anxiety, I know that maximizing confidence and resilience starts with fostering strong family connections, developing skills, and implementing effective, practical strategies to capitalize on strengths.

My focus is on developing these skills for long-term success and positive well-being.

Creating Meaningful Change

When a child or a family member is struggling, it can completely rewire routines and relationships that affect the whole family.

I bring an extensive and unique blend of experience living with ADHD, parenting children with ADHD and anxiety, education, research, and clinical experience to the table.

The foundation of my work to developing confident, resilient, successful children comes from years of clinical practice and research. As a parent, I know how hard can be to be the parent you want to be for your children. Having a first-hand understanding of what effective, though practical, strategies for busy families and professionals are available to you is a major step towards better supporting your kids.

My mission is to help families.

In our work together, we learn how to communicate effectively to create connection, cooperation, and harmony in the home.

Another important aspect of my work is to help families understand anxiety, how it shows up, and how to respond to it effectively (rather than make it worse!). In my practice, I help parents manage worries such as separation fears, fear of the dark, and worries about the weather. We also help families with the heat of the moment emotional outbursts.

And, for families with amazing, neurodivergent kiddos, we work together to understand their brain differences and how it affects children’s lives at home, at school, and within their relationships with parents, teachers, peers, and siblings. I help kids and families overcome stigma and embrace their diagnosis. We teach kids how to be successful with their neurodivergence.

My story

I started working with kids when I was a kid myself. And I started on the amazing path of supporting neruodivergent children and their families in 1996. As the years passed, I realized how much anxiety was affecting our younger generations and decided I wanted to do something about it. 

After almost a decade working with families, I decided to go back to school and earned a Master’s degree, at which time I started consulting to schools and working in private practice as a psychologist. I then eventually earned my Ph.D. in Psychology specializing specifically in ADHD and anxiety.

As an Assistant Professor at Athabasca University, I integrate evidence-based research with practical, actionable strategies. This unique approach ensures that my teachings are grounded in scientific evidence while remaining accessible and applicable to everyday situations. 

You can find some of my contributions on the media page.

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