ADDitude magazine: The Key to ADHD Emotional Regulation? Cultivating Gratitude, Pride & Compassion

We know kids with ADHD have trouble with emotion regulation. We can’t (and shouldn’t) protect our children from every stressor that may overwhelm them, but we can use gratitude, pride, and compassion to help them build resilience. Here is a simple but effective 3-pronged approach to improving emotional regulation.

Children with ADHD experience the same emotions as do other children, but their feelings are more frequent, intense, and longer-lasting. Because the underlying brain mechanisms that help manage emotions are affected by ADHD, emotional regulation development is delayed. Emotion hits them more quickly and it more easily overwhelms them. The result? Big, exaggerated overreactions. What’s more, children with ADHD have a tough time self-soothing; they need more time to calm down and get over grudges. Read more…

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