ADHD 360°: Optimizing Success with ADHD

ADHD 360°: Optimizing Success with ADHD

On-Demand Course

Dr. Caroline’s ADHD 360°: Optimizing Success with ADHD On-Demand Course
for Educators and Clinical Professionals.

All courses are approved for continuing education credit (CEUs) through Canadian Psychological Association.


  • Develop a 360° understanding of ADHD and executive functions.
  • Identify key assets of ADHD and how to optimize them.
  • Identify associated comorbidities and how they complicate the presentation and treatment of ADHD.
  • Implement strategies to conduct effective assessments and obtain valid diagnostic results.
    • Address shortcomings of assessment practices and promote accurate results and parents’ acceptance of their child’s diagnosis.
    • Integrate assessment data to highlight areas of strengths and challenges and inform effective intervention.
  • Create a toolbox of practical strategies they can individualize and use immediately to help kids with ADHD in all areas of functioning, including at home, at school, and within relationships.


Understanding Anxiety & the Child In Your Life


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