What is the link between ADHD & Anxiety?

In this two-part series, I discuss the link between ADHD and anxiety. This is an important relationship to address because anxiety is ADHD’s most common comorbidity, so there is a very clear link between the two.

Moreover, there are important implications when trying to treat both ADHD and anxiety.

Part 1

Today I discuss the relationship between ADHD and anxiety. Although anxiety can exist on its own separate from ADHD, anxiety can often develop as a result of ADHD (especially when it’s not managed effectively).

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Part 2

Today I continue my discussion on the link between ADHD and anxiety.

Anxiety is common among ADHDers. However, sometimes they can mimic, overshadow, or mask each other. Therefore, it is important to differentiate the two and understand what’s what to treat most effectively.

In today’s episode, I talk about how to differentiate ADHD from anxiety and the best treatment approaches to supporting these kiddos. I also discuss medication considerations when trying to treat both ADHD and anxiety.

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