ADHD Master Class

ADHD Master Class

Feel Empowered as a Parent, Teacher or Professional with Clear, In-Depth Knowledge to Understand ADHD!

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Dr. Caroline’s ADHD Master Class will help by providing practical strategies that will give you confidence as a parent, teacher, or professional to effectively support and advocate for children with ADHD!


This online course will help you finally understand ADHD in clear, simple, and honest terms! With an in-depth look into the nature of ADHD, you will receive specific, detailed, and hands-on strategies to help children manage emotional and behavioural difficulties so they can build their learning capacity, confidence, and resilience. 


  • 4 key sections with a total of 12 modules delivered once a week for 12 weeks, packed with individual lessons you can complete at your own pace. 
  • Videos and downloadable worksheets that support each lesson within the modules.
  • Enrollment in a private ADHD Support Group with monthly Q & A sessions with Registered Psychologist Dr. Caroline Buzanko.


This course will be broken into 4 key sections with a total of 12 modules:

Section 1

Demystifying ADHD While Highlighting Strengths

In this foundational section, ADHD myths are revealed and debunked. Through an in-depth description of the nature of ADHD, you will learn what exactly ADHD is, how the ADHD brain is different from others, the core deficits of ADHD that need to be targeted, and additional difficulties commonly associated with ADHD. Most importantly, you will find out how ADHD can in fact, be a child’s greatest asset!

Section 2

Practical Strategies to Support a Child’s Successful Executive Functioning

In Section 2, you will dive deeper into understanding exactly what executive functions are, how they develop, and how they can affect a child’s success across contexts. Learn to identify what factors stress children’s brains that cause them to act out or tune out and discover how simple changes to a child’s environment can promote success. 

As well, you will uncover how to promote the developmental progression of a child’s executive functioning. You will explore two critical factors to promote a child’s overall success and determine how to teach children effectively, how to maintain their motivation to learn, and how to promote their independence.

Section 3

Self-Regulation, Emotion Control, and Behaviour Management

Section 3 is a vast section where you will receive thorough instruction on one of the most significant difficulties children with ADHD deal with – self regulation (which includes managing their emotions and behaviours effectively).

You will explore self-regulation and how it affects children with ADHD. Four keys to self-regulation that need to be targeted are presented, along with specific strategies to promote each of these areas to achieve success. You will learn important skills every parent or person who works with children should know about behaviours, why they happen, and how to confidently manage them. Finally, you will find out how to communicate effectively with kids, establish firm boundaries, and create peaceful, harmonious environments that support kids!

Section 4

Building on What You Have Learned to Promote Social Success, Manage Anxiety, and Be Aware of Your Own Self-Care 

In this final section, you will learn how to manage some of the important, though less talked about parts of ADHD. This includes how to effectively promote a child’s social success in and out of school. You will also understand how to help children manage anxiety effectively and build a strong foundation of resilience. The importance of your own self-care will also be discussed. This course will culminate with you feeling confident that you have developed a comprehensive understanding of ADHD, and the ability to apply this knowledge successfully!  


Understanding ADHD & The Child In Your Life

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