Anxiety Detection & Social Media

When talking about social anxiety, I have to ensure we talk about social media because it plays a huge role in the amount of social anxiety people experience today.

In this episode, I had a fascinating discussion with Dr. Jon Gruda on anxiety detection using linguistic analysis.

We get into a few different things, though a large part of our discussion was on how our posts can influence others’ emotions, contributing to the very real phenomenon of emotional contagion.

Additionally, Dr. Gruda shares ideas for everyone about how we can think about the influence of the posts we put out on social media as well as how others’ posts can affect us.

I talk a lot in all my workshops about how much social media affects our kids in particular and contributes to a considerable amount of social anxiety. There are also some great tips for our children and teens who use social media. Don’t miss out on this fantastic episode.

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Anxiety detection & social media

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About Dr. Gruda:

Dr. Jon Gruda is an Assistant Professor in Organisational Behaviour at the National University of Ireland Maynooth. One of his primary research streams has been developing machine learning models that can infer anxiety using social media data. He also conducts research on the intersection of anxiety, personality, and leadership.

University page:

Personal website:

Twitter: @learn2upgrade

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