Intentionally Sprinkling Mindfulness as Parents

Recast from Mindfulness Off The Cushion

Today’s episode is a recast from the podcast, Mindfulness off the cushion, in which I speak as a guest about helping build mindfulness into children’s and family’s lives.

Building mindfulness in your daily life is easy to do when you set the right intentions.

No, it doesn’t have to be formal sitting meditations. It’s about learning to stay present with, and even enjoy, the things you are already doing.

We all know that, when we build mindfulness, we are helping our kids also boost attention, promote resilience, and manage anxiety.

Listen in to hear practical ways to create more mindfulness (or watch below).

You can also check out a previous article I wrote on building focus, which incorporates elements of mindfulness too.

In this episode, I again share the emotions cards and body outlines.

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