Experiences for Resilience: # 17

Create Healthy Habits

Resilient kids live healthfully. Eating, sleeping, physical activity, and self-care are all important parts of living healthfully. Focus on one area and the others are sure to follow.

Have a family meeting and choose one area everyone can work on. Get creative. For example, if you choose to eat differently, perhaps create a bingo card for each person that includes what they need to eat in a day, such as five different coloured fruits and vegetables.  Once they eat it, they can cross it off and try to fill their board.

The easiest thing to do is to incorporate healthy habits into your daily schedule. Walk to school instead of drive. Go to the pool after school instead of watch TV. Stretch while you watch your family sitcom. Make your own meals instead of ordering in or going out.

Modeling healthy habits is essential. Kids have a much easier time engaging in certain behaviours when we, as adults, do them too. We all turn off electronics before bed. And none are in our room. We all eat vegetables at dinner and walk the dogs. We all have the same bedtime routine and we all wake up at the same time everyday.

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