Experiences for Resilience: # 19

Create daily reminders of successes

Although you can reminisce about past successes, kids forget. (Actually, we all do from time to time.) Kids need to have ongoing reminders about mistakes they made, challenges they faced, and successes they achieved.

As they get older, stress and anxiety can easily start to get the better of them, making them believe they can’t cope. In these moments, they forget how successful they have been and can be. Therefore, having strong memory connections about their successes and how they handled other stressful situations will help them cope effectively.

Create a success journal where they can take note of the challenges they overcame and review their past successes. Or, create a paper chain of success, adding a paper link with each success they achieve. Hang it in their room so they can see their achievements grow before their eyes. It’s these past successes that will help them handle future challenges.

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