Experiences for Resilience: #3

Prepare for future resilience opportunities

Once kids know that they can build resilience by 1. Facing tough situations and 2. Getting help to be successful, it is time to brainstorm ways to keep the resilience growing.

Specifically, brainstorm the same types of things you have already discussed from a future orientation:

1. Tough situations they may face in the future,

2. Who will help them AND who they can go to for help if they are having trouble, and

3. How that person/those people can help.

Perhaps a friend can help support them through a conflict with another friend. A parent can help them be sure they have all their gear together for an upcoming championship game. A teacher can offer extra help for the upcoming test. A coach can focus on the one skill they need to keep working on.

Brainstorm as many possibilities as you can. The more they have, the more prepared, aware, and stronger they will be.

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