Experiences for Resilience # 5

Make Connections Between Strengths and Challenges

Kids have multiple self-esteems. They all have things they are interested in and feel good at. Where they might not feel great in one area, they likely feel strong in others. However, a lot of them don’t see that how their strengths in one area can help them in other areas. Which is why we need to help them see the connection between how their strengths in one area can help them face challenges in others.

Maybe your kids have lots of great ideas when it comes to filling their time with imaginative play. Or ideas about different science experiments they want to try out. Or lots of ideas about how to use the clothes line they found in a box in the basement. But then, they believe they can never come up with ideas about what to write about. Help them use their great ideas in one area in others.

Maybe your kids so introverted they wouldn’t dare to say so much as “good morning” to anyone at school. But then are the most assertive, outspoken, confident kids when they are with their siblings.

Help kids capitalize on their strengths across all areas. It is easy to recognize their strengths in situations they are already comfortable with, but they need help to realize those strengths can help them in tough situations too. Using their personal strengths board, have them identify several strengths they can use in tough situations. Then, go practice.

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