Experiences for Resilience # 8

Make a Compliment Board

Establish a place in the home where everyone in the family can write or draw a compliment for someone else in the family. Using sticky notes or note cards work great (rather than writing it on a white board) so kids can keep the compliment (and maybe even add it to their strengths board).

Regularly post compliments. Focus particularly on those things that are hard or things that your kids didn’t want to do but did anyway. Also focus on those things that are important to you and you want your kids to do more of. Studying hard. Helping out. Helping a friend. Keeping calm. Being thoughtful.

In addition to the compliments, be sure to again connect their strengths and how they used those strengths were used for good. And especially make the connection with how their strengths helped them in a tough situation. Making these connections time and time again is an important to solidify resilience.

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