How do we manage perfectionism?

As I work through some of the biggest anxiety-provoking school-related things for students, I absolutely need to talk about perfectionism.

Perfectionism has steadily increased over the years, with our younger generations establishing increasingly more extreme standards for themselves, which can be crippling.

It is critical we address perfectionism before anything else. Otherwise, we won’t get very far in helping children and teens manage anxiety or other big feelings.

Perfectionism contributes to, and even maintains, whatever struggles a student has, whether self-doubt, worries, or depression. If we can see improvement with perfectionism, everything else may improve too. Don’t miss this two-part series! These students need our help.

Watch Part 1 below or Listen in

Perfectionism Part 1

In Part 2 I talk about how we address perfectionism in more detail.

Yes, I do talk about the most important thinking trap to address, but I also highlight the things we must DO to help anxious kiddos manage perfectionism. After all, as with anything related to anxiety, it’s more about what we do than what we say.

Watch Part 2 below or Listen in.

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