How do we deal with School Refusal?

In this series, I talk about all school-related anxieties and how to maximally support anxious students to become masters over anxiety.

School Refusal is a big topic to address. And I have so much to say that I had to break the issue into three parts.

In part below today, I lay the foundations of all the important considerations we need to set these students up for success. Don’t miss this episode – school refusal is a psychiatric crisis. When these students do not get the support they need, they are vulnerable to a whole host of social, emotional, psychological, and health risks.

AND, if you want to deep dive with me and learn how to do a functional analysis to figure out exactly what is happening for students and design an effective re-entry plan in managing school avoidance, don’t miss out on my upcoming School Refusal training! (

Watch Part 1 below or Listen in

School Refusal Part 1

In Part 2, I begin digging into treatment considerations.

I discuss the need for a comprehensive school-based approach and outline student needs, family needs, and school needs to be addressed. Using the resilience pyramid that I have discussed in previous episodes, I dive into the need to first set up the right environment for students to be successful. At school. And how we need to focus on making school a safer, more inviting, connecting, and inclusive place for students to be.

Be sure to check out this episode and begin thinking about what needs are not being addressed. This episode helps set the stage for part 3, where I get into the skills students need to be taught and specific re-entry plans.

Watch Part 2 below or Listen in.

School Refusal Part 2

And finally, in Part 3, I finish off the discussion on managing school avoidance. It is important to watch Parts 1 and 2 in which I addressed the foundational considerations for setting up student success and creating a supportive environment with adults who know how to respond effectively when anxiety shows up.

In this episode, I focus on the skills students need to learn and the processes we must implement to promote student success in returning to school.

Watch Part 3 below or Listen in.

School Refusal Part 3

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