Normal Worry and Anxiety: What’s the Difference?

In today’s episode of Overpowering Emotions, I address the questions:

What is the difference between normal worry and anxiety? and When should kids get help?

Anxiety and worry are two terms that are often used interchangeably, but they have distinct differences. While both can be unpleasant and unwanted emotions, understanding the differences between normal worry and anxiety is essential for parents to understand so they know how to best support their children’s emotional well-being and resilience.

Often, parents wait too long to get their child support. Some of the time it’s because they are told their child will grow out of it. Or they might not even realize that their child is experiencing anxiety. Other times, their child is experiencing normal worries but parents become overly concerned and pathologize the situation. 

Understanding the difference between normal worry and anxiety can also help children better manage their emotions – especially when parents know how to respond in helpful ways.  

Knowing the difference between normal worry and anxiety can also help children, teens, and their families better communicate their feelings to others. If they are experiencing anxiety, they may need to communicate their symptoms and needs to a mental health professional. If they are experiencing a normal worry, they may need to communicate their concerns and seek support or advice from a trusted adult.

Be sure to tune in to today’s episode to learn more about normal worries and anxiety and when to get kids’ help. Knowing the answer to these questions is critical to help raise emotionally well-adjusted, resilient kids!

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