Regulating the stress system

Unleashing Resilience Part 4: Regulating the Stress System

Learn how to empower children and teens with effective stress management techniques. Discover the skill of regulating the stress system with empowering statements and strategies that foster emotional well-being. Equip young minds with the tools they need to navigate life’s ups and downs with resilience.

Becoming an Outside Observer

Unleashing Resilience, Part 2: Becoming an Outside Observer

Building resilience in kids and teens becomes a transformative journey when they embrace the art of becoming an ‘outside observer’ of their thoughts. By adopting this empowering perspective, they can separate the past from the present, evaluate their actions from a detached standpoint, and gain deeper insights into their inner world. This powerful skill enables them to navigate life’s challenges with grace, fostering emotional intelligence and self-awareness along the way. Discover how this approach empowers young minds to make better decisions and develop unwavering resilience

Building resilience through self-awareness

Unleashing Resilience Part 1: Increasing Self-Awareness

In the pursuit of emotional resilience, one powerful skill stands at the forefront – increasing self-awareness. Like a guiding compass, self-awareness leads young minds on a transformative journey of understanding their emotions, thoughts, and actions. It empowers them to navigate life’s challenges with clarity and composure, fostering emotional intelligence and well-being.

Boredom Buster ideas

200 Activity Ideas for your Boredom Buster Jar

Discover the power of boredom in nurturing your child’s creativity and independence. Here is the ultimate list of boredom buster activities to allow your child the opportunity to embrace moments of downtime and unstructured play to foster problem-solving skills and self-expression. Find the perfect balance between structured activities and uncharted exploration for your child’s growth and development.

school refusal

How do we deal with School Refusal?

School refusal is a psychiatric crisis and when these students do not get the support they need, they are vulnerable to a whole host of social, emotional, psychological, and health risks.

How to Best Provide Corrective Feedback to a Child

As a parent, an incredibly important responsibility is to guide our children’s behaviour and help them learn from their behaviours. Although many kiddos have a hard time listening to feedback. there is a way that we can give corrective feedback in a way our children will accept.

Psycom Pro: ADHD in Toddlers

Identifying and treating ADHD as soon as possible can make the terrible two’s, three’s, and beyond a bit less terrible.

Back to School Success Despite COVID (and everything else)

While there is still a lot of uncertainty about what the new school year is going to look like, there are things we can do that are still in our control to optimize a smooth transition back to school and get them started off on the right foot with confidence!

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