school refusal

How do we deal with School Refusal?

School refusal is a psychiatric crisis and when these students do not get the support they need, they are vulnerable to a whole host of social, emotional, psychological, and health risks.

Presence over Presents

With the holidays upon us, I wanted to do an episode on how to make the most of them. While I started to go through the things to destress, I realized that, truly, the one and most important thing to focus on is presence over presents.

How to Best Provide Corrective Feedback to a Child

As a parent, an incredibly important responsibility is to guide our children’s behaviour and help them learn from their behaviours. Although many kiddos have a hard time listening to feedback. there is a way that we can give corrective feedback in a way our children will accept.

Psycom Pro: ADHD in Toddlers

Identifying and treating ADHD as soon as possible can make the terrible two’s, three’s, and beyond a bit less terrible.

Back to School Success Despite COVID (and everything else)

While there is still a lot of uncertainty about what the new school year is going to look like, there are things we can do that are still in our control to optimize a smooth transition back to school and get them started off on the right foot with confidence!

Is It Worry or Anxiety? What Every Parent Needs to Know

All kids worry at times. However, when they grow too big, worries can become overwhelming, exhausting, and debilitating. Anxiety is one of the most common mental health concerns for kids but often either goes unnoticed or misdiagnosed.

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