What is stressing our our kids

What is stressing out our kids?

As descendants of anxious ancestors, anxiety is embedded in our nervous system. However, the modern world presents unique stressors that we have control over. Learn about these stressors and how to help our children cope better in this informative and insightful episode.

ADHD and anxiety

What is the link between ADHD & Anxiety?

Anxiety is common among ADHDers. However, they can mimic, overshadow, or mask each other. Therefore, it is important to differentiate the two and understand what’s what to treat most effectively.

How do we manage perfectionism?

Perfectionism has steadily increased over the years, with our younger generations establishing increasingly more extreme standards for themselves, which can be crippling.

Psycom Pro: ADHD in Toddlers

Identifying and treating ADHD as soon as possible can make the terrible two’s, three’s, and beyond a bit less terrible.

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