Nurturing Secure Connections: What is the Focus of Trauma Work Depending on Attachment Styles?

Discover effective strategies to support children and teens with different attachment styles in today’s episode of Overpowering Emotions. Explore the unique challenges they face and learn how to build trust, establish boundaries, and foster autonomy while respecting individual differences. Uncover their specific needs and gain practical strategies to help them thrive. Create a safe and nurturing environment while promoting emotional expression for a successful attachment journey.

normal worries and anxiety

Normal Worry and Anxiety: What’s the Difference?

It is essential to know the difference between normal worry iand anxiety. Understanding these emotions can help parents learn to better support their child’s emotional well-being and promote their resilience.

anxious child

Why aren’t anxious kids getting the help they need?

Despite the prevalence of anxiety and all we know about it, our anxious children and teens are not getting the support they need. Unfortunately, untreated anxiety puts them at great risk for long-term negative outcomes. It is essential we addess these barriers to help our anxious children and teens thrive.

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