What kind of relationship do you have with your kids?

In this week’s episode, Caroline and Andy continue to recast to reset for a positive 2023. Today the focus is on addressing the kind of relationship you have with your kids and how that lines up with the types of relationships you actually want to have with them.

Understanding that gap is critical so you can start working towards filling that gap, bit by bit, a little each day.

Every parent views the relationship between them and their child differently: some subscribe to a teacher/student model, others more of a BFF model. Over time our relationships change whether we want them to or not and this discussion is about how different our relationships are from our ideal, and what we might be able to do to realign them.

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As part of a parenting challenge Caroline runs, she created a workbook to address important things including your values as a parent and your relationship with your children. Work through some of those things yourself HERE.  

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