How do we help kids who are afraid to pee in public?

On today’s episode of Overpowering Emotions, I talk about how to help kiddos who are afraid to pee (or use the bathroom at all) in public. While this is true for a lot of young children, there are still a lot of older children – even tweens and teens – who continue to avoid using public toilets.

Fear of going using the public bathroom is common, but not talked about, which is why it’s important to open the conversation.

Unfortunately, so many kiddos who are afraid to pee (or pooh!) “hold” all day, which can lead to long-term health problems. While parents tend to accommodate kids when they are young (e.g., avoiding going out in the first place), accommodations are not sustainable and only make anxiety worse.

We need to help kids manage and overcome their fear of using the public bathroom this sooner than later (it’s definitely easier to help them learn to cope when they are younger but it’s never too late – even for our tweens and teens).

LISTEN IN (or watch below) to today’s episode to hear more and learn about some simple ideas to help kiddos learn to go to the bathroom in public successfully.

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